SWFRS plant the seed to raise White Ribbon awareness 


Two years ago South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) were awarded the ‘White Ribbon’ accreditation from the White Ribbon campaign; making it the first Fire and Rescue Service in the UK and in the world to achieve this status. The accreditation highlights the Service’s commitment to reducing and preventing domestic abuse across the South Wales area.

This year SWFRS are looking to do something different. The aim is to plant approximately 1200 white daffodil bulbs, with each bulb representing a domestic abuse victim that SWFRS has protected since gaining the White Ribbon Accreditation. SWFRS Fire Crime protects ALL victims and in doing so enables them to remain in their own home and feel safer and more secure
We are planted the bulbs on Thursday 24th November at our Headquarters in Llantrisant
Huw Jakeway, Chief Fire Officer for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said, “It is an honour to continue to support the White Ribbon campaign our Community Safety teams and Operational personnel are working with our partners to assist in reducing domestic abuse and incidents, where arson is used as a weapon and threat.

“We we will continue to work closely with our Police Services to ensure that those who are victims of domestic abuse can in confidence report it and see action taken. As a Service, we are on the frontline when it comes to ensuring those at risk are protected against fire such as having working smoke detectors, mail-box guards and other measures.”

The UN officially recognises 25th November as International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, with the White Ribbon seen as a symbol of hope for a world in which women and girls can live free from the fear of abuse.

Anti-violence campaigner Joyce Watson AM began White Ribbon campaigning in Wales,  and set up the Not in My Name campaign with NFWI-Wales. Mrs Watson said:
" Everyone has the right to live fear free.

“Now more than ever there is a real need for respect, while there is so much intolerance expressed by public figures across the world.
“I welcome the pioneering, positive work of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, which is the only White Ribbon certified Fire and Rescue Service in the UK.

“Our Welsh Government has legislated to protect victims and their children, and appointed a National Advisor to guide policy makers across Wales. 

“In many ways Wales now leads the way, but there is still much to do. 

"As men across Wales sign the White Ribbon pledge, this simple act will cascade out, changing attitudes to violence against women and children."
Chris Green, Founder WRC UK (Volunteer for the organisation for the last 10 years) said: "South Wales Fire Service is a beacon of excellence in support for White Ribbon Campaign of men speaking out and challenging male violence against women and girls.

Firefighters serve the community, and are seen quite rightly as brave people and great role models, so are very valuable to expand the reach of our message.
Silence is not an option - Silence excuses Violence against women. White Ribbon needs men to swear (the pledge) wear (the ribbon) and share the issues by talking with their friends and thinking about being a white ribbon Ambassador.

White Ribbon Campaign applauds the work that SWFS has done in this field for years to come and welcomes their renewed commitment to tackling this crime."
The White Ribbon campaign is driven by men, for men; with the aim of encouraging men of all ages to pledge their commitment to a worldwide movement to stop all forms of domestic abuse. The accreditation has meant that SWFRS has asked each of its staff to sign up to this pledge and work with the Community Safety and Partnerships team to engage with communities across the Service’s area.

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