Incident: Lavender Grove, Fairwater 


At 09:53 South Wales Fire and Rescue Service received a call reporting a fire at a property on Lavender Grove, Fairwater, Cardiff.

Crews from Ely and Cardiff Central were in attendance, rescuing two people through a bedroom window of a first floor flat. The two casualties were then handed over to paramedics to receive oxygen therapy.

During the six minutes it took for the first crew to arrive on scene, vital fire survival guidance was given to the caller by staff at the newly merged Joint Fire Control Team.

Jennie Griffiths, Head of Joint Fire Control for South Wales and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Services, said: “Our fire control operators really are the ‘hidden heroes’ behind incidents. Not only are they the first point of contact when emergencies are reported, they mobilise the Service’s appliances and provide survival guidance and reassurance, should there be persons reported.

“Had it not been for the professionalism and composure of the Fire Control Operator in giving vital fire survival guidance, this incident could have had a very different outcome.”

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service recommends that if you are unable to leave a property due to the location of the fire, do the following:

  • Tell the operator where the fire is, how many people there are inside and the type of property you live in
  • Get everyone in the property into one room and close the door, as well as blocking any gaps and open a window
  • Stay close to the ground and breathe slowly, you can also put a cloth e.g. a handkerchief to your mouth
  • Tell the operator which room you are in and describe the best access to you, try to pass as much information on as you can
  • Attract attention by hanging something e.g. a bedsheet from the window

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Page Last Updated on 01/2/2018