Day of Action hopes to encourage Duffryn community to make a positive contribution to where they live 


Partnership working in Duffryn aims to reduce anti-social behaviour and deliberate fire setting

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) is working in collaboration with partners across Newport to tackle the increasing levels of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and deliberate fire setting, which has seen emergency services in the area seeing their resources stretched and attacks on crews.

This partnership working sees a Day of Action taking place, where the agencies involved such as Gwent Police, SWFRS, Street Scene, Fly Tipping Action Wales, Newport City Homes, Newport Council and the Probation Service, will be taking to the streets of Duffryn to raise awareness about the impact fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and deliberate fire setting can have on the local community.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service’s Station Commander for Duffryn, Sean Jenkins said, “Collaborative working is vital in achieving common goals  efficiently  and multi-agency Days of Action are a great example of key agencies in Newport coming together to create community ownership in an area of  increasing anti-social behaviour and deliberate fire setting.

"Today saw emergency services, NRW, the Probation Service, local schools and Newport Council working together to engage and educate local residents who live in Chaffinch Way, about key areas such as fire safety, recycling and fly-tipping. This is essential in reducing anti-social behaviour and deliberate fire setting and is the start of a series initiatives designed to improve the quality of ‎life in the communities across Newport throughout the year.”

The Day of Action will include:

  • Education of businesses and residences with regards to the storage of refuse to prevent deliberate fire setting
  • Removal of fly-tipping in designated areas such as the LG Access Road utilising Community Payback service users
  • ANPR and license checks of vehicles carrying refuse / scrap waste
  • Cylinder Amnesty at Duffryn Fire Station for collection of unwanted, empty, used cylinders for safe disposal

Gwent Police Neighbourhood Sergeant Hannah Lawton commented, “Gwent Police are happy to be working closely with our partner agencies to tackle issues which are having a real effect on the lives of those living in this area.  The behaviour of some individuals is affecting the majority and this type of behaviour is neither acceptable nor above reproach.

“The day of action will encompass education, engagement and enforcement and is part of an o-going plan encompassing a number of initiatives in collaboration with our partner agencies across the area.

“Our officers will be in the area along with representatives from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Newport City Homes, NCC, DVLA and educational services to provide a multi-agency approach to dealing with issues that matter to the community.”

Newport City Homes’ head of housing and customer services, Sharon Wilkins added, “The actions of a few individuals in the area is affecting the well-being and sense of security of the local community.

“Newport City Homes is committed to investing in our neighbourhoods. We are working closely with partner agencies including South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Gwent Police and Newport City Council to help tackle anti-social behaviour and deliberate fire setting. We want to engage with our residents and the wider community at the action day, helping to educate about the consequences of anti-social behaviour, and talk to those affected.”

It is hoped that this Day of Action will help build public confidence and create ownership for the communities of Duffryn and Newport as a whole, as well as encourage residents and business owners to make a positive contribution to where they live and work.

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