Critical Threat Level - Media Statement 

Martin Henderson, Head of Operational Risk Management at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said:

“First of all South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, like all other emergency services, wishes to extend our thoughts and sympathy to those that lost their lives, those they’ve left behind and the injured, following the events in Manchester on Monday night.

“This atrocity brings into focus how we need to plan and prepare for the worst. There are two elements to this; its impact to key events, such as the UEFA Champions League Finals and our planning for that, along with other services, has run into many months and will see additional specialist support. Secondly, its impact on normal day-to-day business.

“I can say, on both counts, the role of the Fire Service remains the same whatever the challenge and whatever the threat; which is to save lives, protect properties and provide humanitarian services.”

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