The Media and Communications department is responsible for the publicity, public relations, marketing, internal and external communications for the Service.  Team members come from a background in press, news and feature writing, marketing, and graphic design.

The role of the department is to raise the profile of the Service locally and nationally; to ensure important public messages reach the community in a corporate and professional way; and to publicise the success of the Service both internally and externally.

The Media and Communications department is the first point of contact for the print and broadcast media and we respond to hundreds of calls from the media every year, ranging from queries about incidents, requests from film crews for firefighters and fire stations as extras and locations, requests for statistics and spokespeople on a huge range of issues, ranging from local incidents and fire stations right up to political and policy questions.

We write and issue press releases, features, article and advertisements, and we plan, organise and implement media and marketing campaigns and arrange photograph, filming and interview opportunities and promotional item provision in support of those campaigns.

Our graphic designers are responsible for designing and printing publicity and marketing materials and Service documents for distribution internally and externally.

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01443 232000
Fax: 01443 232165


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Page Last Updated on 20/3/2017