Celebrate Safely 

The Christmas and the New Year celebrations are upon us, meaning lots of fun and laughter with friends and family. However, SWFRS is urging you to take extra care during your festive and New Year celebrations, as there are more accidental fires in South Wales in the lead up to and over the Christmas season than any other time of year.

In 2012 there were 760 accidental dwelling fires in South Wales, 70 of these occurred in December.

There is an ever increasing diversity in the communities of South Wales that has led to more celebrations and holidays where decorations and naked flames are used. Overloading of extension leads and block adaptors is common around these times to accommodate lights and extra equipment.

During the festive season, people will have decorations, use more electrical appliances, have more visitors and may be smoking and drinking alcohol at home.

So the message from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is to have fun this festive season but be aware of the risks, take extra care and Celebrate Safely.

Key festive fire safety points: 

  • Test your smoke alarms each week and never remove batteries to use in children’s toys.
  • Ensure all plugs are fitted with the correct fuses, the plugs are wired correctly and that the wiring is not worn or damaged in any way
  • Do not overload electrical sockets
  • Always switch Christmas lights off and unplug them when they are not being used, and before going out or to bed
  • Never leave cooking unattended – always turn off the cooker when you leave the kitchen.
  • Do not cook when intoxicated – alcohol can seriously affect your judgement
  • Do not used decorative lights designed for use indoors outside, even if they appear sheltered from the weather
  • Never leave burning candles unattended or placed near the Christmas tree, furniture or curtains
  • Decorations burn very easily – never attach them to lights or heaters
  • Check that any cigarettes have been completely stubbed out
  • Keep Christmas cards, stockings, presents, decorations and discarded wrapping paper well away from open fireplaces and heaters
  • Keep real Christmas trees away from fires and other heat sources as they are highly combustible, particularly as they dry out
  • Plan an escape route in the event of a fire and make sure all guests know where the doors and window keys are kept

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