New Inn Fire Station

New Inn Fire Station 

New Inn Fire Station serves the towns of Pontypool, Griffithstown, Sebastopol and New Inn, and the surrounding villages of Little Mill and Penperlleni. The estimated population of the area is 33,600 people, covering an area of approximately 11,500 hectares.

New Inn Fire Station serves a range of industrial, commercial and residential properties in the area, as well as a large retail park, sports stadium and leisure centre.

Community Initiatives

  • Continued support of Firewatch scheme within local schools.
  • Continued promotion of national Community Safety Campaigns.
  • A series of Community Safety campaign visits to schools highlighting Wildland fires.
  • Support Vehicle Crime Awareness Days with other partners.
  • Support Young Firefighters scheme, which will commence September 08 for children between the ages of 13-17years of age.


29 uniformed staff are situated at New Inn, comprising 4 watches of 7 (Red, Blue, Green, White) and Station Manager Shaun Moody.


New Inn Fire Station was opened in 1952 under the Monmouth Fire Brigade and was the Headquarters, Control and Stores for Gwent Fire Service up until April 1996 when Gwent, South and Mid Glamorgan Fire Services amalgamated into the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service.

Within the last two years a High Volume Pump (HVP) has been positioned at the station which can be utilised at large fire or flooding incidents within the South Wales area or nationally. New Inn Crews were deployed in the summer of 2007 to major flooding incidents in both South Yorkshire and the Gloucester Areas.

Station Address

New Road
New Inn

Station Overview

Type: Wholetime
Personnel: 29
1 x Water Ladder
Water Ladder

1 x Chemical Incident Unit
Chemical Incident Unit

1 x High Volume Pump Unit
High Volume Pump Unit
1 x High Volume Pump Unit Support Vehicle
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