Abersychan Fire Station

Abersychan Fire Station 

Abersychan Fire Station serves the village of Abersychan and the surrounding villages of Garndiffaith, Talywain, Trevethin and Pontnewynydd plus skirting hamlets including Varteg, Pentwyn, Cwmffrwdoer, and Pantygasseg.  The estimated population of the Station area is approximately 10,000 people.

Abersychan Fire Station serves a range of light industrial parks; various schools ranging from two Comprehensive to junior and infants; a library; numerous homes for the elderly; and considerable residential areas.

Community Initiatives

  • Local school visits
  • Garn Gleeman Concert for OAP Christmas Carol Concert (This has been going on for many years, due to the station being situated next to an OAP complex and to apologise for the noise because the old turnout system used to be a siren outside the property!)


17 Retained Duty System Firefighters
1 Administrative Assistant


The Fire Station was built in 1956 and will be 50 years old this year.

Station Address

Limekiln Road

Station Overview

Type: Retained
Personnel: 18
1 x Water Ladder
Water Ladder

1 x Light Pump Unit 4x4
Light Pump Unit 4x4

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