Engagement & Consultation 

At South Wales fire and Rescue Service, we believe it is important to speak to the communities we serve to find out what they want. We have committed to improving our services and to do this, we need to understand what the public expect from us.

We have therefore created this page for you to tell us what you think. We will be posting all of our engagement and consultation activity in the hope that you will get in touch and give us your thoughts. We regularly consult on our planning intentions for the coming years, and we will be carrying out an extensive engagement campaign on a two-yearly basis. You will find all information on our consultation activities on this page.

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email us: haveyoursay@southwales-fire.gov.uk
Call us: 01443 232000

Write to us:
South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
Forest View Business Park
South Wales
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Page Last Updated on 04/4/2017