The Role of an On Call Firefighter 

The On Call (OC) comprises on-call Firefighters who live and/or work in the local community of a Retained Fire Station.  They are individuals who may already have full or part time employment or may not work (for example, stay at home parents). 

The OC Firefighter fulfils the same role as the WDS Firefighter and provides a front line service.  The individuals that serve as OC Firefighters have a variety of backgrounds and include builders, farmers, administrators and stay at home parents. 

There is currently a shortage of people who will respond for us on an ‘on-call basis’, particularly in small towns and rural communities where there are fewer people who both live and work in the area.  The OC is an important part of the local community and local services.  OC Firefighters must live or work near a On Call  Fire Station and be able to arrive at the Station within five minutes of a call.  Some employers are flexible and enable OC Firefighters to leave work to attend incidents and training (more information on the benefits to organisations in employing an OC Firefighter can be found using the tabs on the left had side of the page).  Self employed individuals who work in the local area are also welcome to apply to become OC Firefighters.

The South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is currently short of people to fulfil OC Firefighter roles, especially during midweek daytime hours.  A call to the Station can be expected two to three times per week but individuals will not necessarily need to attend each call out (dependent on the numbers of Firefighters on duty).

OC Firefighters are recruited and selected in the same way as WDS Firefighters, following the National Firefighter Selection process.  There is more information about the OC and the selection process in the On Call 'Information Pack’.

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