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The role of the Fire Service has changed considerably over the last few years and the role of the Fire Control Operator has adapted to reflect the new demands faced by a modern Fire and Rescue Service.

Fire Control Operators do not just answer emergency calls and mobilise fire appliances.  They take an active part in bringing incidents to successful conclusion through the use of specialised call handling techniques.  Fire Control Operators must be able to process information, prioritise tasks and identify which of those has the highest level of urgency.

These tasks include processing emergency calls for assistance, mobilising fire appliances and officers, passing and receiving radio messages, responding to requests from the Officer in Charge, answering administrative telephone lines, tracking the availability of emergency resources, completing routine administrative tasks and liaising with local authorities and other emergency services.  Fire Control Operators must also be ready to pass life-saving advice to callers trapped in burning buildings who may be frightened and panicked.

Visitors from the local community are welcomed into the emergency control room and Fire Control Operators adopt the role of educators to teach a range of safety issues including how and when to place an emergency 999 call.

Society is also changing and become more culturally diverse.  It is important that the Fire Service understands and represents the community it serves.  The modern Fire Control team needs to represent all aspects of society and as such the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service welcomes applicants from all areas of the community.

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