Steve Rossiter - Head of Business Fire Safety 

In the 28 years I’ve been in the Fire and Rescue Service there’s never been a day when I’ve said “I don’t feel like going to work today”, I’ve loved every minute. It brings variety with the many different aspects such as training (to ensure we have the appropriate skills necessary to do this vital role), educating and advising the community on how to keep their homes, workplace and themselves safe and healthy and not forgetting the type and number of incidents we attend every day, this is true job satisfaction on a wide scale. The teamwork and friendships you build over time are life-long, you rely on your peers for your own safety and they on you for theirs. I have strong friendships with my colleagues who I trained with back in 1988 and we reminisce together on a regular basis.

We are seen as role models within our communities, that’s because of the important job we do and the role we play. The Service provides so many opportunities for its staff, I left school without any qualifications and the Service has given me a second bite of the cherry. I was supported through two university courses and now hold a BSc in Building Fire Studies and a MSc in Management, all of which have enabled me to grow as a person.

The support, friendship, facilities, equipment, personal protective uniform, training and opportunities are second to none within our Service. I would find it difficult to compare other jobs to that of a Firefighter. It’s an amazing career.

Page Last Updated on 08/9/2016