Niluka Eratne – ICT Engineer 

My names is Nilks and I have been working as an ICT engineer for SWFRS since October 2015. I work in a challenging environment making sure that the IT needs of Stations and Offices are running as efficiently as possible. Whilst doing this my department are constantly looking to improve the use of IT within the Service to make our end user service the best it can be. We are a very diverse department and we have a big part to play in all aspects of the service. We are mostly seen in the background but essential to the day to day running of the organisation.

I am currently based in the Communication department working with the mission critical equipment for the Fire appliances and for Firefighters, so that in emergency cases the technology we use is smooth and seamless so we can attend incidents at speed and with total accuracy. It is very fulfilling to know that although we are not at the forefront of an emergency incident, what we do in the background is essential in ensuring that the general public get the response needed and expected of an emergency service.

Working for SWFRS makes me feel very proud and I truly enjoy coming to work every day. Working within so many different departments with different needs is a big challenge but one that all of the ICT team thrive upon. I look forward to working many more years with SWFRS with the aim to improve and develop the use of ICT to make our Service stand out as one of the best.

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