Men in the Service 

This page is dedicated to Men and has been written by Male employees at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service for their future Male colleagues.

Niluka Eratne 
ICT Engineer. Based at Headquarters, Llantrisant

My names is Nilks and I have been working as an ICT engineer for SWFRS since October 2015. I work in a challenging environment making sure that the IT needs of Stations and Offices are running as efficiently as possible. Whilst doing this my department are constantly looking to improve the use of IT within the Service to make our end user service the best it can be. We are a very diverse department and we have a big part to play in all aspects of the service.   Read more of Niluka's story. 

Steve Rossiter
Head of Business Fire Safety, Based at Headquarters, Llantrisant

In the 28 years I’ve been in the Fire and Rescue Service there’s never been a day when I’ve said “I don’t feel like going to work today”, I’ve loved every minute. It brings variety with the many different aspects such as training (to ensure we have the appropriate skills necessary to do this vital role), educating and advising the community on how to keep their homes, workplace and themselves safe and healthy and not forgetting the type and number of incidents we attend every day, this is true job satisfaction on a wide scale.  Read more of Steve's story.

Stuart Brock
Watch Manager, Aberbargoed

Hi, I am Stuart Brock. I joined South Wales Fire and Rescue Service 11 years ago and have worked in a range of different roles and departments within the Service whilst having the opportunity to develop my career through the excellent training and development opportunities the Service provides. I am currently a Watch Manager at Blue Watch Aberbargoed. .  Read more of Stuart's story


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