Planning and Risk Assessments 

All events will need some form of Event Plan, the detail of which will depend upon the nature, size and impact of the event.  This Plan should be a live document which records the development of the event and records any important information (e.g. issues, agreements or amendments that may arise as the event progresses). 

The Plan also helps the Local Authority, emergency services and other stakeholders to better understand how the event will be managed.

A map of the event site or venue is a useful communication tool for the management and control of the event.  It is also useful in the event design process to plan how people will enter and exit the site, and how they will move about the site.

Risk Assessments

Public events can have many risks associated with them, which can arise from the site itself, large numbers of people, the moving of equipment, as well as weather conditions and type of audience/visitors.

Event Organisers have a responsibility to carry out suitable and sufficient risk assessments to help reduce or remove potential dangers to staff, attendees and the general public.

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