Fire Safety 

Event Organisers are responsible for taking steps to protect people attending the event from the risk of fire. This includes employees, contractors, volunteers, the visiting public or any other person who has a legal right to be there.

It is important to appreciate that fire is a very real risk in event environments and Event Organisers should recognise their statutory responsibilities to undertake a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment and to put in place such controls as are necessary to mitigate against these risks.

Depending on the nature, size and complexity of the event, a Fire Risk Assessment may be carried out by the Event Organiser or a member of the events team, etc. providing they have the necessary skills, experience, knowledge and understanding.  Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to employ a fire safety specialist to carry out the Fire Risk Assessment. (See “A Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor”.)

It is extremely important to appreciate that planning for effective fire safety for a public event should start at the same time as the planning for all other aspects of the proposed event.

The planning issues for an event or venue can be considered in a number of stages:

  • Venue design, selection of workers, selection of contractors and subcontractors, construction of the stages, marquees, fencing, (the 'build up');
  • Safe delivery and installation of equipment and services which will be used at the event, e.g. stage equipment used by the performers, lighting, and the protection of crew, (the 'load in');
  • Effective fire safety during the event ('the event');
  • Safe removal of equipment and services, (the 'load down');
  • Control fire risks once the event is over and the infrastructure is being dismantled, (the breakdown').

Consideration should also be given to the following aspects when planning for fire safety at an outdoor event:

  • Marquees and large tents
  • Stairways, ramps, exits, doors on escape routes
  • Fastenings on doors and gates
  • Self-closing devices for doors
  • Exit and directional signs
  • Normal and Emergency lighting
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Means of giving warning in case of fire

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