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Where members of the public are invited to participate in a staged and planned event, the Event Organiser and/or owner of the property or land where the event is staged has responsibility, or duty of care, for public safety before during and after the event, whatever the size.

Depending on the nature, size and complexity of the event, the Organiser may be invited to one of the SAG meetings to discuss the specifics of their proposal in more detail.

It is important that Event Organisers meet the terms and conditions of the SAG; failure to follow this guidance may result in the refusal/revoking of a licence. Should the event proceed without complying with the guidance, the Organiser may be subject to legal action should there be problem at the event.  The recommendations and advice given to event organisers by a SAG will be recorded, and may be used in court or public enquiry proceedings should an incident occur at the event.

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