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We continually strive to ensure that the performance of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is of the highest standard, we aim to build on this year on year to ensure that we achieve our vision which is to make our communities the safest places to live, work and visit.

To ensure that we consistently plan and manage to improve our services, we have in place a performance management framework.  Performance management is principally about good management.  It is how we organise ourselves to deliver our ambition for continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do.  Everyone within South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has a part to play in improving our services, we have designed our performance management framework to ensure that all our staff know and understand the principles of performance management and how the principles are being applied within our organisation.

Performance Management is a requirement of the Wales Programme for Improvement.

Wales Programme for Improvement

The Wales Programme for Improvement (WPI) was introduced to Local Authorities in Wales in 2002 with the exception of the Fire and Rescue Services.  The Welsh Assembly Government has now developed an Improvement Programme for Fire and Rescue Authorities in Wales (WPI-FRA) and this has been implemented from April 2007.

The Wales Programme for Improvement requires Fire and Rescue Authorities (FRAs) to continually improve their services, to make value for money improvements and efficiency gains that are “genuine and sustainable or allow more or better services to be provided for the same resource input”.  This reflects the Assembly Government’s wider public service reform agenda as set out in the “Making the Connections” agenda.

Each year we will publish our Improvement Plan and Improvement Plan Public Summary which outlines the priority areas to be addressed in the coming year and also gives comprehensive performance information against our strategic and core indicators.

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