Business Planning 

To ensure that we deliver our corporate objectives, our initiatives outlined within our Risk Reduction Plan (RRP) and address the risks highlighted within our Joint Risk Assessment, we have in place a comprehensive planning framework, whereby each directorate produces a business plan outlining their key priorities for the forthcoming year and the actions that they will undertake in order to help realise the corporate aims, initiatives and objectives.

Directorate Plans

These draw on the RRP and specify the actions that will be adopted across the directorate to achieve the corporate objectives and any other actions to improve service delivery.  The directorate plan forms the basis for the department and station business plans.  Directorate plans also provide the vehicle for each area of the organisation to outline the efficiency gains that they will make over the following twelve months and to identify actions that they will take in support of key corporate strategies and priorities, for example equalities, sustainability and welsh language.

Page Last Updated on 15/3/2017