Audit and Inspection Process 

The Wales Audit Office plans and carries out audits that meet the requirements of the Code of Audit and Inspection Practice. 

Each year an annual regulatory plan is prepared.  This plan is designed to set out all elements of regulation and inspection that will be programmed for the year ahead.  The Wales Audit Office Relationship Manager is responsible for the co-ordination of this plan and will need to ensure that as far as possible, the plan clearly identifies all regulatory and inspection activity that will be undertaken.

These audits are carried out to assess our performance and advise where further improvements can be made.  Their findings and recommendations are reported to us in individual audit reports, also each year a Relationship Manager’s Annual Audit Letter is produced giving an overview of the year. 

To ensure that we carry out the recommended actions within these audit reports, our Performance Management Unit records all actions contained within the audits, and monitors the responsible officers and departments to try to ensure that all actions are completed by the agreed date.

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Page Last Updated on 19/9/2011