Equality Risk Assessment 

What is an Equality Risk Assessment?

Equality Risk Assessments are an effective means of identifying any areas that might discriminate or disadvantage residents on the grounds of the protected equality characteristics and human rights. SWFRS has carried out a number of impact assessments which have led to improvements.

Examples of what we have improved

The ERA of the move to a new Head Quarters informed a number of decisions such as accessible parking, widening of lifts, audio loops in meeting rooms, catering facilities that would meet a wide variety of dietary needs, a quiet room with ablution facilities, open plans offices to facilitate inter departmental working.

An ERA of the new special appliances informed a new specification which allowed all staff to safely remove ladders and access equipment in lower and lighter storage trays.

An ERA of the young fire fighters programme led to reasonable adjustments made for disabled young people to participate in the programme.

An ERA before drawing up the specification of new breathing apparatus facilitated meaningful conversations with the Sikh community relating to beards and the air tight seal. This engendered good relations and opened channels for community safety to carry out home fire safety checks.

An ERA of monitoring data for business fire safety inspections informed a business case for outreach work with Chinese business owners.

Please note that as ERA’s and policies are internal documents, they are available in the English language only.

Below are ERA’s on key documents. If you would like further information or other assessements please contact the diversity unit.

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