South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is ‘going public’ to catch out hoax callers.

Every year South Wales Fire and Rescue Service attends nearly 600 hoax calls.  The shocking fact is that many of these 999 calls are made by adults.

Blood on your hands

However, the number of hoax calls being made to the Fire and Rescue Service also increases during the Summer holiday period, indicting that many of these calls are still be made by school children.

Hoax calls, or ‘False Alarm Malicious’ calls as they are known in the Emergency Services, are a criminal offence and repeat offenders can be fined or even sentenced to prison.   

Blood on your hands campaign launch 

   Date:  Tuesday 16th August 2011                 

 Location: St Davids 2, Cardiff

To demonstrate how making a hoax call can ‘put blood on the hands’ of the hoax caller and put lives in danger, SWFRS will also be giving away ‘blood red’ liquid egg timers at the launch of the campaign taking place Tuesday 16th August 2011, St. David’s 2, Cardiff.

The egg timers are to illustrate that for every second SWFRS is responding to a hoax call is a second that they are diverted away from responding to an actual incident and emergency – this could result in lost blood and lost lives.


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