As part of its ‘Blood on your hands’ campaign, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service will be putting actual hoax calls made to the Service onto this website and updating them every couple of weeks.

You can browse these pages to:

  • listen to actual hoax calls made by adults to South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
  • find out the facts on hoax calls and what the Fire and Rescue Service can do to stop them
  • watch the Youtube video which shows the dramatic consequences of one adult’s hoax call
  • see what Firefighters and Control operators have got to say about hoaxers
  • view the campaign posters and images that will appear in pubs clubs, leisure centres and libaries in South Wales over the next few months.


         Hoax Calls
         Listen to calls in your area

         Hoax Call Video
Consequences of a hoax call

         Facts & Figures
         See figures for your area

                  what we have to say about

                  Campaign Posters


Page Last Updated on 15/8/2011