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 Blue Watch, Duffryn Station  25 July 2011 

As Firefighters we get very angry, frustrated and exasperated with deliberate hoax calls.  We have to treat every 999 call as an emergency especially those which state lives and property are at risk, therefore our mind set, subsequent preparations and actions prior to, and on arrival at the reported incident, need to be comparable to a real emergency.

To then be at the receiving end of a hoax call can be frustrating and demoralising especially when a real emergency is occurring three or four miles away while you are responding to a hoax call.

Hoax calls they are not funny, they are criminal and tie up valuable resources, wasting time and public money and putting lives at risk.

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Station Manager Melanie Evans, Fire Crime Unit    23 July 2011 

It’s very frustrating dealing with malicious calls made to the Fire Service.  I have experienced many of these calls throughout the 14 years of my career with the Fire and Rescue Service and this frustration doesn’t go away.

Many of the calls we receive are from children being inquisitive and they will often hang up when we challenge them. But it is the hoax calls from adults that I find difficult to comprehend.  I can’t understand what makes people want to ring the Fire Service and make these false calls. 

Quite often they will make up a story about the so-called incident and be really specific with the details which can often include people being trapped in burning buildings, it’s appalling!

Eventually one of these calls will coincide with a genuine call and will cost someone their life.  Making a hoax call is time wasting for Firefighters and Control Operators and can be very dangerous for public.  The basic risk is that Fire Crews who respond to a hoax call cannot attend a real emergency.

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