Domestic Abuse / Hate Crime 

It has become increasingly apparent that there is a distinct link between arson attacks and domestic abuse.  The Fire Crime Unit is working closely with partnership agencies to make the victim feel safe in their own home.

The aim of the project is to work closely with partnership agencies targeting specific vulnerable groups (Victims of Domestic Abuse and Hate crime) at risk from both deliberate and accidental fires.

Raising awareness within the fire service of the issues surrounding domestic abuse and Hate crime and the significance to the organisation and the communities that we serve.

Who can we contact?

If you have any issues regarding Domestic Abuse or Hate Crime please contact:

A member of the Fire Crime Unit

Tel: 0800 731 72 87


What the Fire Service can do

Home Fire Safety Check, Escape plan and general advice.


A metal mailbox will contain most burning materials, (including fireworks), pushed through the letter flap. If the flap is well fitted and maintained properly, it will close following the introduction of a burning item, thereby restricting the oxygen supply which feeds the flames. Intumescent letter flaps and mail containers are also available, offering the added advantage of containing any liquid accelerant (such as petrol), introduced through this opening.

Frequently asked questions

What is hate crime?

1. 'Hate crime' is defined as any criminal offence committed against a person or property which is motivated by an offender's hatred of someone because of their:

  • race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality or national origins,
  • religion,
  • gender or gender identity,
  • sexual orientation,
  • disability.

crimes can take many forms including; physical attacks, bullying at school or in the workplace, offensive graffiti, abusive letters and telephone calls, and of course arson.

2. How does that affect the Fire and Rescue Service?

Many of the deliberate fires we attend are motivated by hate

Clearly this puts a risk to life and property and such actions are deplorable. Similarly the emergency services often receive malicious false fire calls which cause us to dispatch fire engines to the homes of people who do not require our help.

On the face of it this may seem relatively harmless, but in doing so, not only does this cause great distress to the victims, it also takes essential life saving fire appliances away from responding to real fires.

In effect, the perpetrators are putting all our lives at risk and more to the point;

They Don't Care!

3. What is the Fire and Rescue Service doing about 'Hate crime'?

The Fire Crime Unit is looking to run media campaigns, and offer guidance to the public where they have concerns about the risk of arson and other hate related crime.

We are working with the Police to ensure a coordinated approach to this issue and sharing of resources. We are already working with the 'Victim Support' and the Bobby Van making the homes of vulnerable people a safer place to live.  

We will ensure that we record and analyse hate motivated fire crime so that we can more effectively focus our activities and work with partners to tackle this problem.

         Contact Details

Tel: 01443  232000 and ask for a member of the Fire Crime Unit.


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