Car ‘Criwsio’ Tân  


The Fire ‘Cruize’ Car is an attraction tool created by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to engage with 15 – 25 year olds our most at risk age group on their ‘home ground’ and educate them on the main causes of car crashes.

The Focus ST has been identified as one of the most popular cars for young drivers, it is fully equipped with:

  • A high performance ‘Focal’ music system
  • Wide screen 40” LCD TV
  • LED Undercar Lighting
  • X-Box Kinnect

Through our research we are able to identify hot spots where anti social behaviour has been reported involving car gatherings, this scheme will also be used to target a far more diverse audience including, employers of young drivers, prolific young offenders, diverse communities, schools and colleges .

Here young people are able to put their skills to the test by practicing the Hazard Perception, they are given different driving scenario’s and are asked to recognise possible dangers and hazards, every month the person with the highest score wins an advanced safer driving course!

The sole purpose of this is to increase their knowledge and give advice on the consequences of anti-social driving behaviour especially when it is combined with inexperience to help change their attitudes and behaviour towards it, aiming to further reduce road deaths and injuries of young people in Wales.

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Tudalen Wedi Ei Diweddaru Ar 05/8/2014